Totally L Clothing TLC is for every lady who, like me, love clothing and coffee. The women who know that looking good enables you to feel good. When I’m asked what age group I dress, I hesitate, as I have dressed girls in their twenties to women in way higher decades and my main objective is for them to look in the mirror and just feel happy with what they see. So it’s not all about age, it’s much more about attitude in ‘TLC’. I opened my doors on Friday the 13th of May without anticipation as I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I do believe in definitive timing and following your gut. I faced challenges and had many exciting times over the years of self-employment in retail and hospitality. Hindsight, reflection, and experience are three key elements that took me to a country road as opposed a motorway at this stage of life which makes me truly happy and grateful. I swapped traffic jams and rush hour for calm, and a route comprising of country & cows! My journey to work takes 15 minutes from my door in Glanmire to my new ‘happy haven’ in Carrignavar. My new business in fashion kicked off because of covid. I worked in sales & marketing and helped my husband with our local coffee shop in Glanmire ‘Cream’ for 15 years prior to this. We had an amazing time and met some wonderful people through Cream but sadly it wasn’t viable to reopen post covid, like so many other businesses in hospitality. My background is retail and hospitality and I work at my best when I have an opportunity to interact with customers. So much as it’s great to have the online element of our business (www.totallyl.ie) nothing surpasses meeting customers on a one to one, face to face basis. My boutique is open 10am to 5pm every weekday, except Wednesday (when we close for catch-up with our deliveries and online service) and 10.30am to 5pm Saturday. However, we are also 100% flexible and work around our customers with the option to meet outside our opening hours for one-to-one shopping. Another unique service we offer is ‘Sip & Shop’ for groups of ladies who like to incorporate a little shopping into their night out. We provide the chilled prosecco; they can get together in our shop as the first stop in their night out. If you’d like a taste of Italy or France and other European countries in the stress-free surroundings of a beautiful village, where traffic is never an issue… make sure you take the time to call by and try. Look forward to welcoming you, 


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